Conscious Control

Control, the art of influencing a course of events, or your behaviour. Most of us humans find comfort and security in control. The idea of knowing that things are going to go a certain way. We like structure and routine. Because without that, where is our discipline and purpose? We can control how we choose to live our lives, our habits, our relationships and our mood. However what about the things that we cannot control? Such as life and death, the weather, a natural calamity etc. These are far from our control, and if you give it enough thought, it can seem quite scary to some of us.

There is no way to control some things. No matter how much we try, how much effort we put into trying, it is out of our control. We may feel lost, helpless or alone due to this. But when we start to accept that some things are out of our control… a certain sense of freedom sets in. A sort of relief. You can let go, live in the present moment. For right now… all is well and I am very hopeful that it continues to be. That is what we CAN do. We can choose how we respond to situations beyond our control. To trust and have faith that no matter what, I will rise, I will grow and I will shine!

So let go of what you cannot control. See the beauty in it. Yes, anything can happen and perhaps we could find the beauty in knowing that too. The possibilities, new opportunities, life! Focus on the now and trust that you can get through anything and everything that comes your way. Stand strong and find the courage and bravery within yourself to accept this and just be. Be your best self. The version of you that feels good. That feels alive! Because some of life’s struggles are much easier to face when you feel good, when you embody your truest nature.

Letting go of control is hard. Especially with regard to things that you are very strongly and emotionally attached to. But it helps to know that… whatever happens is beyond my control. I hope for the best. And I know that what is meant to be, will be. Where there is loss, gain shortly follows. Allow yourself the space and time to feel this, to find a sense of freedom in it. To allow yourself a moment to take yourself out of the picture and realise that sometimes, it is not about us at all. To say, this is beyond my control and a part of the grand scheme of things, and I accept it and welcome it in with love! Don’t be afraid of change. We often get stuck in our ways, but change offers us growth to shine brighter than we ever have before! We get to experience more love, more beauty, more joy and more excitement!

Instead of trying to control the uncontrollable, we can redirect all that energy into things that we can control. Set healthy habits for yourself. What am I putting into my body and is it healthy? How is my sleep schedule and do I need to adjust it? Are my relationships healthy and what am I going to do about them? We can choose to control the little things, like what we wear today or what book to read tomorrow. Find joy in these things. Allow life to flow through you and have faith in yourself and your abilities. If push comes to shove and you are faced with a difficult situation, you CAN and WILL get through it. You can look back and think to yourself “I’m glad that that happened, for if I hadn’t gone through it, I wouldn’t have all that I have now or be where I am today”.

So control the things that you know you have control over, and begin to let go of what you cannot control. Know that it is not your job nor your responsibility to control those things. Allow yourself some time and be gentle with yourself too. Nurture yourself as a loving mother would do for their child. Be patient with yourself, allow yourself a safe space to really feel through all the emotions that come your way and gently move through them. Accept the ever flowing changes and choose to see the beauty in them!

I wish you well and hope that you can find the beauty and freedom in our ever winding, ever flowing and ever loving unique journeys!

Living Through The Seasons

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Seasons bring about change, they bring about new beginnings and more often that not they bring about an immense amount of growth! As the seasons change, if we allow ourselves, we can too! How glorious would it be to grow with spring, to blossom with summer, to let go with autumn and to pause and reflect with winter.

No flower blossoms through the year, so why are we so hard on ourselves when we are not at our highest throughout the year? It is ok to take your time. To cherish the lows as much as the highs. We are all growing and learning and it makes everything a lot easier when we are gentle with ourselves. Giving ourselves time to move through the obstacles and the changes we face.

The Resilience Of Nature

An observation that I made a few weeks ago as I was observing a wildflower was how truly resilient nature is and how much we can learn from it! I am in awe and hope to one day learn to be as one with nature as I could possibly be. Flowers, plants, shrubs, trees and many more face harsh winds, heavy rains, predators and so on, and yet through it ALL they stand tall and shine their bright light for us to bask in. The trees offer us shelter from the rain, the flowers brings us joy and fill our hearts with love, the plants give us something to nurture in our homes and the shrubs may leave our gardens feeling a little less empty! All in all, nature is a marvellous wonder and I feel it is something to look up to. To seek strength from, to gain courage from and to know that if nature can be so brave as to dance in the harshest of storms, then so can I!!


Spring is a glorious time to cherish. New leaves sprouting, the smell of fresh growth in the air and the insects out and about, buzzing with joy over the exciting flowers beginning to bud. Spring is not only a magical time for nature. I like to think that we all have a bit of nature within us! So just like the trees that grow new leaves, we to grow and expand within ourselves. Spring is a beautiful time to set goals, get excited about where you are headed and open your heart to endless possibilities! It is a time to nurture yourself, care for yourself, just as you would a flower bud. As for when summer comes, we have nourished our beautiful bud so much so it blossoms and opens into a lovely flower!


As the sun shines bright, we learn to shine bright within ourselves too! To feed our inner flower some much needed nourishment and to really embody the essence of it and ourselves for that matter. To blossom and bloom with each step you take. Feel connected with nature as it surrounds you, embodies you and soothes you. As your inner flower blooms, really cherish it.


The time for letting go. For some letting go is easy… and for others it can be painstakingly difficult. Yet it is a vital part of the flow of nature. Every year as autumn arrives, trees start to shed. The leaves are not meant to stay forever. Their time naturally comes to an end and they gracefully fall. This can be an important lesson that we can learn from nature. Sometimes, certain things that have outlived their stay in our lives are meant to be let go off. And only when we resist these changes, is when we start to struggle. So find it within yourself to let go. See the beauty in it. It is inevitable and know that come spring, you will have new growth, and welcome in something far greater, far more exciting and fulfilling into your life! So let go now and know that better days are ahead of you.


With winter comes a time to slow down. To pause for a minute and reflect on the year that is now coming to an end. Reflect on the growth, on the change, on successes and the failures. Slow down and take time for yourself. Winter leaves trees open and exposed and they are stripped of their leaves. They go into a state of hibernation in order to take care of themselves. To heal and to prepare for spring! So how can you gain closure from this year and plan for the next year?

I wish you all a lovely adventure through the seasons. May you breeze through the sunshine, the rain, and stop to admire the roses along the way. All my love and the warmest of wishes!