A Love Letter To Me

Dear Me,

I just wanted to let you know how truly and uniquely special you are. You are one of a kind, authentically and truly you! And I’ve never been prouder of anyone for just that. You are remarkably brave and courageous and I am in awe of this beauty within you.

You shine your light on everything you touch… and you touched my heart. I wake up every morning happy for another day I get to spend with you and go to sleep excited for tomorrow, yet another magical day awaits.

With you by my side, I feel unstoppable. I can do anything and so I dream big and reach for the stars because I know that with you by my side, I can do it.

Dear Me, you are beautiful, you are kind, and it is in your gentleness that I find strength. I look forward to each day… as I get to know more of you, I get to discover and re-discover things about you. I pay attention to every beautiful detail about you because you are truly and spectacularly beautiful. I love to learn with you, I love to change and flow with you, to go through the up’s and down’s with you, for I know that with you by my side I really can get through anything.

Dear Me, thank you for being raw. authentic. you. I know that you encourage others to do the same and for that I am grateful.

Thank you for teaching me love, loyalty, honesty, humility, kindness, compassion, acceptance and so much more.

I love the way you express yourself, I love your flaws as much as your perfections… and everything in between.

I just wanted to tell you how lucky I truly feel to be close to you and to live through life with you, so I say I love you. I’m in love with the life that we lead. The ebb and flow of each waking moment.

So dear Me, this is a reminder to you that You are special, You are good enough, You do belong. So follow your passions, use your gifts for the greater good and most importantly shine your light so effervescently that it brightens up everyones day as I know it does mine.

Dear Me, I love you. All I ask is you keep being uniquely you 💖



The L Word.

Loss is a touchy subject for almost all of us. It is never easy, to loose something that you care very deeply for and hold close to your heart. But then again… loss is a part of life, and one of the many lessons we learn as we go along our journeys. Everyone at some point in their lives has to face some form of loss. It could look like the loss of a loved one, a relationship, a job… and it does not necessarily have to do with the passing of a being. It could just mean that someone you cared about used to be in your life, taking up so much of it… now leaving you a little empty. But life goes on, and eventually we learn to move with it. To flow naturally and stop resisting the rhythm of it. So why do we resist so much? Why are we so wrapped up in grief when we lose certain things in our lives?

We human beings are accustomed to getting comfortable in our routines. We like structure and get comfortable in our lives. So much so that when we experience a drastic shift/change, we tend to feel off balance. So learning to embrace change is the number one take away. Learn to embrace the fact that nothing in life is really certain. As you lose, you soon gain too. Look past the loss and remember that life is ever changing and ever flowing. You were not the same person you were yesterday, you are ever-changing too. So trust in the fact that as your external situations change, you can and WILL change with them and that is not a bad thing! So just embrace it, love it and live through it in the present moment. 

Trust and have faith that you can handle ANYTHING that life throws at you. You are a strong being. Remember that life does not and will not give you anything that you cannot handle. Remember that and keep pushing on until you can start to flow and really grow. Have faith in your own ability to be able to stand strong and be independent. To know that you can take care of yourself. You can be there for yourself through thick and thin and that things will get better!

“I accept who I am and look forward to the person I am becoming”

“I accept where I am and look forward to where I am going”. 

So what can you learn from the situation? What is the situation trying to teach you? Because life is just one big lesson beautifully unfolding in front of us. So what are you being called to become aware of? How does it make you feel? And what can you do to heal from it and get through it? These are crucial and vital questions to ask yourself when dealing with loss. 

And you most likely will not ever be the same person you were before you experienced the loss. And that is not a bad thing. Let it shape you, let it change you, allow yourself to grow from it and really expand from it. 

And if ever you feel abandoned, it’s important to note that it is not YOU! There is nothing wrong with you. You ARE lovable, you ARE good enough, and you ARE beautifully and uniquely one of a kind. And if people left you along the way, they are just detours in the right direction. Because they were never meant to stay in your life! So think of them leaving as blessings! “Thank you for showing me what is not meant for me and creating space for what is!” When we allow ourselves to think in this way, we are levelling up our self worth, self respect and self value. We are taking care of ourselves and genuinely wanting better, seeking better. And it WILL come and you will then tell yourself, “thank god those people are not in my life any longer, for if they were I would never have met these amazingly special people that ARE right for me!”  

Letting go can be tough! We are all too familiar with the internal battle we face between wanting to hold on, but needing to move on. Learning to put ourselves first can really help with that. To know that “This is what is best for me in the long run even if it feels extremely painful in the present moment”. To love yourself enough to do what is right by you… and sometimes that means making the hard decisions. 

Loss can take so many forms, losing friends along the way, dealing with a breakup, the passing of a loved one or an animal, it could also be giving up something that was once valuable to you. The healing process differs for each and every one of us. It could depend on the situation, who you are as a person and how you deal with loss in general. So be unapologetic about how you feel. Feel all the emotions, grieve the loss, find healthy ways to cope, that will help you get through the difficult time because the first step is essentially sitting with the raw emotions stirring deep within yourself. But as the wound stops bleeding, it starts to heal. And with time, love and compassion towards yourself, you start to move on. Moving on with your life is wildly courageous and tremendously commendable because you choose to honour your loss by re-learning how to be in the world without that person/thing that meant, and may still or always mean alot to you. 

So I just wanted to say that you are fabulous, you are doing the best that you can, and I have every faith in you.. You can get through this! 

Self Love 🌸

Love comes in so many different forms, however self love is sometimes the best kind of love there is. The feeling of being completely filled up with pure joy and happiness. Why? Because you choose yourself. You choose to love yourself so unconditionally that you don’t need to look to external sources for love. You have it within. Take a moment to understand the stability that creates for you. To not be dependant on another for affection, reassurance or validation. You can give it to yourself! You are more than deserving, so let’s start to believe in it and ourselves! We are ALL special. It’s time to start to ask your self, why am I special. Make a list, feel it, and then embody all the reasons why you are so very special. It’s time to start loving ourselves alot more now!

Self love is the key to attracting all that you deserve. Love. To be able to love yourself unconditionally. To feel whole and stand tall from within yourself. To know your strengths and find beauty in the aspects in which you may feel you lack. A sort of perfect imperfection. Our imperfections are our unique characteristics, without them… we would not be us.

Most of us are so happy to give our love away to our family, friends, pets etc. But have we ever stopped to think about ourselves? Why are we so free and open to give it to others and not ourselves? Can we take a moment to compare how you treat a loved one… say your pet dog/spouse/sibling/parent to how you treat yourself? Are you as kind, compassionate and caring? Do you buy yourself special presents? Do you take care of your own body with good food, good sleep, good activity and lots of self love kind of thoughts? In most cases we are so very critical and hard on ourselves, constantly putting ourselves down. But what does that do but dull our spirits? When we realise what we are doing and consciously try to do and be better for ourselves, we see that inevitably we can even love others MORE when we love ourselves so beautifully.

Sometimes we give away our love to those who don’t reciprocate. This can create alot of feelings of being unworthy, unlovable etc. Just because someone you care for cannot feel the same about you does NOT mean that there is anything wrong with you or that you are unlovable. It just means that it’s time to look within and give all that love you had for that person… to yourself! When you do that, you tend to attract the kind of people who will love you like you love yourself. So love yourself so much so that you cultivate a loving family around you too!

So how can you learn to cultivate a little bit of self love? To start off I think the most important would be to visualise someone you love, whether it be a family member, best friend, partner etc. Think about how you respond to them. How do you help them during crisis? How do you make an effort with them? How do you talk to them? How do you take care of them? My guess is that you do so pretty kindly, with compassion, understanding and lot’s of love. Now think about how you talk to yourself? How is that different from your loved one and what can we do to change that!! Can you truly and deeply love someone else unconditionally if you have yet to learn to love yourself?

One way to cultivate self love is to find things to do that make you feel whole and happy. It could be dancing in front of the mirror to your favourite tunes… or being goofy and making yourself laugh. Self love could look like making yourself a cup of tea to soothe your nerves or writing down all your thoughts and feelings in your journal. Maybe reading a book or watching a movie. Sleeping early or going out and having a good time. So figure out how you can love yourself more and really try to invest your time and effort into it!

I find that really taking the time to get to know yourself without other peoples judgment’s or influence really helps in learning and understanding more about who you are and what you need from yourself in order to completely fall in love with yourself. SO why not take some time each day to sit with yourself, talk to yourself. Think of it as taking yourself out on a date and getting to know who you truly are. The acceptance of your true self is another form of self love. To say “This is who I am and I am proud of it”. However, sometimes when we get to know ourselves we don’t always like who we are. We want to change. When we want to change for the better its always a good thing. To elevate ourselves by setting goals and reaching them. Turning bad habits into good ones. Although wanting to change the parts of yourself that you cannot, like your body… are certain aspects that you have to learn to love.

Loving your body is something most of us overlook. We take it for granted and feel as though we have had to settle for the bodies we have… especially after social media influence. However imagine your body had feelings, how do you think it would feel if you ignored its needs, constantly despised how it looked and failed to see gratitude for all the hard work it puts in for you to remain healthy and mobile. SO it’s time to appreciate! Appreciate the fact that your body is your number 1 mode of transport. It supports you, takes you from one place to another in clean strides like a well oiled machine. It processes and digests your food for you in the most efficient ways and it even feels all the wonderful emotions that flow through you! It is now time to appreciate our bodies for what they are! Love each and every cell and really take the time to listen to what your body needs from you. Because if you don’t take care of your body who will? Let’s love ourselves enough to take care of ourselves 🙂

No matter how we look, what our body type is, it was what was given to us. Instead of wishing we had a better body… let’s try to appreciate what we were given. Pay attention to the thoughts you have towards your body and then ask yourself, would you talk about the person you love the mosts body like you talk about your own? If not, then its time to start a more positive self talk!

Learning to love yourself is one of the most gratifying experiences and I am so excited for everyone who is on this path! I do hope you learn to love yourself so completely as you so very deserve!

Growth 🌱

Growth and healing go hand in hand. The thing about growth is that it’s not always easy. Most of the time its messy, overwhelming, heartbreaking and incredibly transforming. But that’s what makes it growth. Because it has the ability to push you so far out of your comfort zone that whichever direction you go, you are well and truly growing and most importantly expanding! It takes alot of strength and courage to be able to be faced with a choice between staying within your comfort zone… or going the path of growth and choosing the latter.

Growth does not always look like picking up the pieces and putting yourself back together. Sometimes growth is shattering your whole being in order to rebuild yourself into the newest and truest version of you, you could be.

And for all those that think or feel like they are alone on their journey, just know that you are not the only ones! Sometimes we are made to go through certain experiences on our own, we are put in situations where we are forced to go inwards rather than to seek external help. What we don’t realise is that we all have the answers that we are seeking within ourselves. And the path of loneliness sometimes has to be taken in order to become aware of the answers that lie within us. To be focussed on ourselves enough to notice what it is that we are meant to learn and how to build ourselves back up!

Uncomfortable situations are often uncomfortable because they have hit a soft spot within us that makes us feel that certain sense of discomfort. Growth teaches us strength! It teaches us resilience and to get back up and keep going. It allows ourselves to build the mental, physical and especially emotional stamina to be able to go through life with ease and flow, rather than pain and struggle. What we are being made to re-learn or re-evaluate is that we do not have to learn through struggle. It is a choice most of the time. And most of the time we choose to struggle because that is what we know and what we have been taught. But what if a simple change in our perception could allow us to flow through life with a certain sense of ease and comfort? Why not?! Who says we need to struggle. It all comes down to the way you look at life. A situation is a situation. It is ultimately our choice how we choose to react or respond to it. So we have a choice here. Either feel a negative emotion… or a positive one! This skill takes some practice, but oh how wonderful would it be to go through all of life’s many obstacles and experiences with ease? That is just the icing on the cake!

So growth. It all comes down to choice! Choose growth. Choose to flow through your growth with ease. Be open to the changes, for change is ALWAYS positive… even when it feels uncomfortable at the time. Change is what stimulates the growth. If we were to stay stuck, there would come a point where you may feel either suffocated or wanting to burst. So you could choose to change now, or wait for that bursting feeling. Either way change and growth are inevitable. So might as well go along with it, rather than resist. Because resistance is quite frankly a waste of time. Yes, sometimes resistance teaches us how to let go of control, but if we can become aware of the resistance within us, we can start to work on it. Work on creating more of a flow, allowing the blocks within us to fade away, piece by piece.

And growth does not always have to mean picking up a healthy routine or going to all your yoga classes. Sometimes growth is in the not eating healthy, not sleeping early and not taking care of ourselves. Sometimes it takes reaching a certain point to get to a space where the realisations come tumbling in and the love can flow through you effortlessly so that you can pick yourself up.

So however it goes, just know that you are doing the best you can do! Remind yourself of your courage and strength. Offer the feelings of pride and accomplishment for yourself. Because you are on a great path of healing. One few choose to take. Honour it, don’t judge it and most importantly, allow it.

Lots and lots of Love ❤

Follow the butterflies 🦋

Butterflies, you know the feeling… that fluttery buoyancy within your gut that makes your entire body sing to life! I think everyone has experienced butterflies within themselves at some point in life. The feeling as though your stomach is going to take off. How inspiring, how lovely, and how magical. Feeling butterflies is one of the joys and wanders in the lives we lead. So why not chase after the things that make us feel these butterflies. Find what ticks for us, what sparks us to life and just go after it. Dive right in and immerse yourself in what feels so incredibly good. Because that IS how you create a truly magical life. One filled with excitement, overwhelming joy, love, happiness and laughter. If that is not the dream, I don’t know what is!

So what gives you butterflies? Is it a job, a hobby, is it spending time with yourself, a martial art, meditation? The possibilities are endless. But the idea is to be so hopelessly in love with your life that feeling these butterflies becomes a very regular part of it. And I feel that it all begins with your perspective and attitude towards life. Adopt an attitude of gratitude, allow yourself to be free of judgment of yourself and others and then just live beautifully! Why not??? Just do it. It begins with an intention to do so and as you align your daily actions with this intention, a ripple effect starts and a whole wave of endless possibilities enter your life! How enchanting to live a life as such.

So be YOU. The you that feels good, the you that you are proud of and look up to. In this case, do first and think later, just go for it and see where it leads you. My guess is it leads to into the beauty of life. The side that you see when you lean into love and allow yourself to flow and grow. So follow those damn butterflies until they lead you somewhere super special!

The idea is not to follow a person who gives you butterflies, but follow the feeling. If and when those butterflies cease to exist you know your time with that activity/experience is up. And believe me that is not a bad thing!! It is just life. Not everything or everyone is meant to stay. We have to move on and find out what’s next. How exciting is that? And believe me when I say this, sometimes things don’t work out because there is an even greater opportunity out there for you that you are being guided to! How can you know what’s around the corner. You have to trust. Trust and let go. See where it takes you, Be patient and look forward to the beauty that awaits!

So spread your wings and take a leap of faith! Take ten leaps of faith! Fly around the world… live your dream, make things happen FOR you! If now isn’t the time then when will be? We have to live NOW otherwise we are not living are we? Fly to and from all the wonderful and amazing opportunities, experiences and relationships that are just waiting for you to grab a hold of! But it all starts within you. It starts with the simple action of actually following through with the desire to follow your gut, to let it guide you to greatness! And when you do this, when you exercise this courage and bravery, you are unstoppable. A force of nature, so beautiful and unique.

And as you go down this path, you uncover who you truly are. How the experiences of following the butterflies lead you to the truest version of you, the highest and best you can possibly be! That is simply the best reward there is, to know your true self and just be unapologetically and authentically YOU! To uncover parts of yourself that were hidden, parts of yourself that you never imagined of being within you! So just let it shine through!

I look forward to hearing about how each and everyone one of you follow your own butterflies!

Finding Direction ➢

With life’s ever flowing and winding ways, it can be hard to find consistent direction at times. You are either being pulled in once direction or completely yanked out of another. It can be hard to flow with the change and to adapt to the given circumstances or changes in your environment that you didn’t plan for. But hey, we are resilient beings that were made for this. Through it all, we are adaptable creatures born to survive and then thrive!

At some stage in life I think almost all of us have felt that niggling feeling of being lost. Not knowing where to go, or being somewhere and not knowing or having an end or goal in sight. How long can it go on for and what must we do about it? First ask yourself… “What do I really want?” then the following question “What can I do to get myself there?” And each and every day you create consistent steps in getting there. Baby steps are the best steps to take, so that you can really solidify your change and progress.

Sometimes, as you stray further and further from yourself you can end up very lost. Straying from yourself could look like staying in a job or relationship that is not right for you, or does not allow your true nature to shine through. It almost feels like your living on autopilot mode, when in fact you should be in the driver’s seat of your life. Making conscious decisions for how you want your life to be, and how to get there! Coming back to yourself is direction in itself. It is the going inwards that allows one to get to know themselves so that they can unleash their true and unique authenticity! Finding their passions and following their dreams in order to learn and grow best!

And direction… as mentioned above does not need to be linear. It could be going/looking backward to heal your past, straying from your path in order to learn vital life lessons that would eventually bring you back, or it could be looking up, preparing for the amazing future in store for you! So living with direction does not have to be the rigid straight line that many of us often think of. You can get creative with it and allow yourself a few detours as well. Because detours are obstacle in the right direction. So create your own definition of what direction means to you and how you can find motivation through that.

Direction intermingled with emotion is a great driving force in achieving and going after your dreams. To find what you love, what you dream of… your passion in life and to align you actions, goals and intentions in accordance is a lovely act! One, few of us think to do and often settle for less. Why do we settle for less when we can find true happiness in doing what we love to do? Yes, it may be out of the general norm and a little bit of a risk but would that not be entirely worth it? To seek true and lifelong happiness right down to your roots. Now that, no amount of money can buy.

So allow yourself to be pulled in different directions, see where they all lead you. My guess is that they lead to just where you need to go, on the path to finding true beauty and magic! Trust the guidance and follow the direction!

Going Inwards 🌀

The path to success lies in the path to going within yourself. To heal every inch of yourself and every cell in your being. To learn to love yourself, so that you can truly love others. When you go inwards, you are committing to yourself. You are valuing and respecting yourself enough to take valuable time and investing it in you. And as you start to do that, you reap the rewards! 

Going inwards can look like journalling your thoughts and feelings each day, getting to know yourself, your likes and dislike, the parts of you that you are proud off and the parts of you that you would like to improve on. 

To some going inwards could mean coming out of your comfort zone, putting yourself out there, only to find more of yourself. Challenging yourself, and telling yourself that the discomfort of not doing it so far greater than the discomfort of actually doing it. However, for others it may look like sitting in silence, spending time with yourself to really get to know your true self without the added layers.

Going inwards means acknowledging where you are on your journey, whilst creating space for who you want to become. Working on yourself each and every day. Because instead of committing to a job, you are committing to yourself. And in doing so, you may just attract your dream job! A job that ticks all the boxes, that opens some really wonderful doors for you and a life that you wake up to with a smile each and every day! 

So why not go within? So many of us seek external validation, reassurance, love, happiness. The idea is to find it within ourselves. Learn to validate ourselves. To be accepting of each and every part of ourselves so that if someone else doesn’t like it, we aren’t as knocked down as we would have been. We wouldn’t change ourselves just to appease someone else. We can understand that we are not for everyone and not everyone is for us. To seek to reassure ourselves and love ourselves inside and out, because if you don’t love yourself, are you truly happy and satisfied? True happiness is found from within too. Take the time to befriend yourself. To be with yourself, laugh at your own jokes, read to yourself, dance alone, cook a delicious meal for yourself or even get dressed up for you. Because at the end of the day, no one is going to do it for you, you have to do it for yourself. Of course you will have loved ones and friends, and of course cherish them! But be alright with being by yourself, because that is where your true power lies! To say that I don’t need you in my life, but I would love  to have you in my life, and therefore it works! To be perfectly independent…together! 

So let’s really dive deep within ourselves. Get to know ourselves on a higher level. To figure out the parts of us that still need resolution, the parts that need to be acknowledged and the parts that need to be healed. To become aware is the very first step, and then you can work on either releasing what no longer serves you, or work on bettering yourself, FOR yourself! Because at the end of the day… it is you who you are living with. We spend most of our time with ourselves and so why not prioritise building a healthy and loving relationship with ourselves first? We are our own best guides. Let’s work on being a person who feels good about themselves, excited for each day and in alignment with our true essence. 

I look forward to hearing all your your journey’s to going inwards! Warmth and hugs always 🙂

Making Mistakes, Dealing With Judgement And Shining On.

Sometimes it’s the right decisions that don’t feel so good. But that doesn’t mean that they are not right. Often are goal is to feel good, but are we striving for feeling good in the long term or short term? Striving for feeling good in the long term means that sometimes, you have to make the hard decisions. You have to do the things that don’t feel so good in the short term. Because you know where you want to be and that means letting go of certain beliefs, habits, relationships along the way that are just not serving your best and highest good any longer. It means letting go and flowing with change. Moving forward even if that feels totally out of your comfort zone. Just let go and flow. 

But what about the guilt of putting yourself first? What about the feeling of “am I making the right decision?” “What will they think of me?” that creeps in. The truth is… everyone is focussed on their own lives and rightfully so! It’s not about what she thinks or how they will judge your decisions. It’s about what feels right to you. It’s about what you need and about where you want to go most importantly. Just because your actions make someone else feel uncomfortable… does not mean that you have done something wrong. As long as you live your life with good intentions, whatever they feel is theirs to feel. You cannot neglect your needs or yourself for that matter. You cannot dim your light in order to make someone else feel better about themselves. Shine anyway! In the hopes that they feel inspired to shine too! And if not… then you respect that and move on. But it is not your job to make other people happy. It is not your job to figure out what they think about you and whether or not that is good or bad. Just live your life. Do the best you can do and know that that is enough.

Judgement is the bane of almost everything. Yes, it is human nature to judge but must we be so critical or so quick to make a judgement itself? Yes, give people the benefit of the doubt, but also keep in mind your self worth, values and respect. If someone does not value you, then respectfully pull away. There is no need for judgement. “I am thankful for this situation, for showing what is not meant for me”. Not everyone is meant for you and you are not meant for everyone and that is okay!

When we start to move beyond judgement, we find that ego has no place in our relationships. That life really is quite simple! It’s not about what they think of you, or why they did what they did. That is none of our business and quite frankly going over all the possibilities will leave us in a mess unless you openly ask them. So let go, ask yourself what you can learn from the situation and what you could maybe do differently in similar situations that come up in the future. Because that is life! To learn from your experiences, from your successes and failures.

We are going to make mistakes ALL the time! It’s time to start accepting that. To start loving that part of ourselves that are not perfect. To be ok with making mistakes. Because at the end of the day we are all human. A little bit of forgiveness can go a long long way. Especially when that forgiveness comes from within. So forgive yourself for the mistakes. Learn from them! Allow them in, to teach us, to guide us to where we are meant to be! And it is ok to make mistakes in front of others. It does not matter what they think of it. As long as you accept it, love yourself for making the mistake, learn from it, grow immensely and then beautifully move on and try your best to do better next time.

For if it were not for that mistake, I would not have learned what I learned. And without that life lesson, I would not be where I am today. So thank you for allowing me to make that mistake, in a safe and gentle environment. Thank you for what came of it and thank you for the kindness I receive every single day 🙂 

Pushing Past Discomfort

Discomfort is a feeling most of us will do anything in our power to avoid. Discomfort is almost always associated with negativity and as something to steer clear of. But why not allow ourselves to switch our perspective on discomfort! Can we not look at it as a feeling that shows us what’s important in life, what is worth feeling the discomfort over? Seeing discomfort as the threshold, in which going beyond it can result in massive growth and beauty!

Do what makes you uncomfortable, for not doing it creates far greater discomfort than doing it in the first place!

When we allow discomfort to hold us back, we are putting ourselves into a box of safety and comfort. But where is the growth? Where is the beauty and the magic of life? It is when we find the courage to open the box and step out of it even though we feel discomfort, that is where true growth lies. And you will be fabulously rewarded for it! The success, the abundance of all that you are essentially searching for. You will find it when you push past the discomfort! So be brave, find the courage within you to really push past the boundary.

Why not view discomfort in a positive light? Allow it to show you what you are resisting and why! I’m glad I feel this discomfort, for “I know that once I push past it I will receive all kinds of beautiful and miraculous rewards!”

A practice that helps me when I’m faced with having to do something that makes me feel uncomfortable, is to go beyond the discomfort! Imagine yourself having done the uncomfortable thing and picture yourself reaping the rewards of having done it! Was it worth it? How do you feel? Does it make you feel overwhelming joy? A feeling of immense fulfilment and accomplishment? Happiness? Excitement and enthusiasm for more? Of course it does! Now imagine yourself avoiding the discomforting situation, not doing it and picture yourself and where you would be. Stuck? In your comfort zone but feeling a sense of lack? Like something is missing? We all know that feel all too well. But it’s time! It’s time NOW to change that around! It is a choice! What do we want to feel? Overwhelming joy, a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction or longing and lack? Wouldn’t it be worth it to push past the discomfort and reap the rewards for doing so?

Sometimes, discomfort is the price we pay for ALL the wonderful experiences beyond it. So let’s just DO it! Go after what makes you uncomfortable, free yourself from it and push past the boundaries that our minds try to trap us in. Truly live the beautiful life that you have been given! Embrace it and look forward to the moments or opportunities that make you feel slightly uncomfortable, for going beyond the discomfort is where life truly begins!

However, not all discomfort should be met head on to overcome. Sometimes discomfort or a gut feeling shows us what is not meant for us too. The difference between the two is how the outcome makes us feel. What would it feel like when you picture yourself past the discomfort? Does it feel freeing, exciting, joyful and alive? Or does it make you feel stuck, anxious and blocked? When you sit in silence, away from your thoughts and away from judgement, you will begin to learn which of the two you are experiencing. So either dive right in and face that discomfort head on pushing past it, or respectfully know that this is not meant for you, and what is, will shortly come your way. Feel a sense of deep knowing with your decision and be sure of it. For even when you think you do not know, your soul does! So let it guide you! Follow the inner whispers and flow with them!

So really try to break through the box that somewhere down the line, you or your environment put you in. Expand, never to be trapped again and really learn what it is to be free. Sometimes doing the thing that scares us most is what gives that expansive freedom… a sort of mental freedom.

I look forward to each and every one of you pushing past your discomforts! You can do it 🙂

Making Joy a Priority!

The power of feeling GOOD! It is such an amazing feeling. To feel energised, alive and in a sense of just being. So few of us actually allow ourselves this state of being because we are so focussed on things that don’t necessarily make us feel… well good! When you start to prioritise feeling good, feeling excited, feeling aligned and joyful, you start to attract things into your life that align with those feelings!!!

So the first step is NOT to find something to make you feel good externally, it is to find it within yourself and let go of all that surrounds you. Let it come and go…. and flow! You will start to notice that when you let go of the externalities of your life and focus on how you feel within, your external environment will start to flow so magically! Aligning with what you feel within. So start to cultivate joy, excitement, feeling good! And you will start to reap the rewards of these feelings. New opportunities will enter your life, new relationships, people, things! The possibilities are endless. So start now and welcome it all in with open arms! It is a fabulous experience, to commit to feeling joy, because that is essentially what you are asking for and what you WILL receive.

So… how do we cultivate joy? How do we prioritise joy? So that we can welcome in joyful circumstances into our lives? It is quite simple, but requires consistency. Start by meditating. Meditating is so wonderful, it helps you become aware of your inner world, how you are feeling, the causes behind those feelings and how to release what is not serving you! Gabrielle Bernstein’s meditation on cultivating joy is a definite must to listen to! I highly recommend it. What makes you feel joyful? Is it music, dancing, cooking? Spend time with people who make you FEEL good!

Feeling joy is great but you will also want to align your actions with this intention. Telling all, that this is how I want to feel, and this is what I am going to do about it. The rest I let go off… what I cannot control. And I ask that I receive a joy beyond my wildest of dreams! A joy that engulfs every cell in my body and energises me to no end! Let it go. Breath into the feeling and breathe it out, put it out there so that when it bounces back to you, it bounces back ten fold! Be patient, and be certain of your outcome. You are attracting joy, it will come! Have faith and believe that it’s on it’s way to you, for you. And so it is!

Holding onto the joy. Sometimes we feel joyful fleetingly. It comes and then goes. But how do we keep it with us? The key is to let it go. Put it out there. Breathe the joy in as you inhale and on your exhale let it go! Do not try to control the feeling and keep it with you because you will be contracting and limiting yourself, when our goal is expansion! In order to expand we must be alright with feeling the range of feelings that are out there. But our goal… is to make joy the most prominent. For us to come back to joy always. For joy to be the baseline of our emotions and feelings. So let it go, with the intention that it will come back to you ten fold and believe me it will!

Visualise a bright purple bubble of joy washing over you filling your cells up with a beautiful and buzzing feeling of excitement, happiness, feeling good, alignment and JOY! As you breathe in visualise the bright purple integrating with each and every part of your body, and as you exhale feel it washing over you, spreading through and through. Tap into that feeling, uplift yourself and bask in it. For joy is a wonderful feeling, one so powerful and beautiful that you just cannot not prioritise it in your life!

I look forward to hearing all about how you cultivate and prioritise joy in your beautiful lives! Love, warmth and happiness always 🙂