The Good, Bad and Beautiful <3

Life is never as it seems. If it were to be described as a picture… it wouldn’t be black and white, but an array of magical energies, shapes and colours splashing and merging together. When we look at life through a lens, we don’t view it with an open mind. But when you expand your perception to view it as a range of many different experiences, good, bad and beautiful…. you start to see that there are no real lines drawing up the categories. And as the lines start to blur the good and the bad start to feel beautiful as they are all magnificent experiences that we journey through in order to learn and grow on our magnificently beautiful paths.

One of the most life changing discoveries I made was realising that life isn’t always about feeling good… and when you are not feeling good, that doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. Feeling negative emotions is a vital part in living a balanced life. How would you know good without bad, and vice versa? When you understand that beautiful things can come from experiencing pain, such breakthroughs, wisdom and growth! You will start to shift your perspective on the label we have been taught to associate it with. Why does the word bad have such a negative connotation to it? And why must difficult emotions be so ostracised?

When a difficult emotion pops up for you, notice how you respond to it. Do you start to panic and push it away, do you get into doing mode and try to think your way out of it… only to have it build even further? or do you accept the emotion for what it is, understand where it is coming from, and acknowledge its existence. More often that not, we aren’t taught how to deal with difficult emotions, and so when they inevitably pop up, we don’t know what to do with ourselves. So it is important to learn to sit with them without judgment, and the more you do so, the more familiar you become with them, the less fearful and unknown they seem. The more you can view them as a part of life, a vital opportunity to learn through experience.

In my eyes, all of life is beautiful. All our situations and circumstances teach us vital lessons and in actuality, prepare us for our future. Step by step, experience by experience we are being molded and shaped for the next opportunity that arises for us. For example, how can you become a stunt artist if you are afraid to take risks? And so you will find opportunities in your life to teach you how to free yourself from the burden of fear and live your life with ease and flow. To be able to passionately put one step in front of the other and work through each and every situation, expanding yourself, your view and your perception. Only then can we say we are truly on the right path to living a beautifully aligned life.

All of our experiences are beautiful. SO what makes us say they are either good or bad? It is our perception and belief system that determines this. The thoughts that flow through our minds, the emotions that accompany them and the actions we take as a result of the two. So before our minds have the opportunity to form a certain preselection of the situation, why not allow ourselves to notice that we are not the voice in our heads. We don’t have to listen to it and we don’t have to believe everything it says. Sometimes the voice is helpful, and sometimes its not… but it is up to us to take the time to quite the mind and quite all the noise to find the right way forward in response to the experience. And so what might be bad for some may be good for others and what might be great for others might be very taxing for some. It is up to us to choose how we respond.

So why not respond with curiosity for the situation you are presented with. Take yourself out of it, and you are left with a bigger picture. One where you are able to think clearly and objectively and make the correct decision for yourself and how you choose to respond to the situation placed right in front of you!

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