One of the most breathtaking experiences in life is the beauty of connection. Whether it be connection to plants, animals, insects or humans, we are all living beings connected to one another at a very deep level. Whether we choose to feel these connections is up to us, but oh how absolutely magical it feels to belong, living in harmony, laughter and joy. It is a grand feeling that no amount of money could buy, it is so simple yet incredibly fulfilling. To be connected with the earth, the universe, nature, other like minded individuals.

Connection does not only mean feeling a sense of belonging to other living beings, it also stems from within. Connection to yourself is the most important form of connection there is. To be able to connect with all the different parts of yourself, nurture yourself and love yourself whole. It is what heals us, helps us to let go and live entirely in the present moment. Connection with ourselves is a deep form of understanding of who we are, what we are all about, why we came into this life and what we are going to do about it.

Animals can teach us alot about not only ourselves, but about life in general. The intelligence that surrounds them because of said connection to themselves and all species around them is truly magical. They are wise beyond wise as they have developed an awareness and access to a web of wisdom that comes very very easily to them. Why? Because they are so strongly connected to the earth and to other living beings around them. This is an area I feel we are yet to evolve into. It is the connection with ourselves and others.

Have you ever found people who you just connect with from the get go? People who you feel you’ve known your entire life. People who you can spend all your time around and never get enough of. This my dear friend, is called connection. Connection at such a deep, cathartic level, that you don’t really need words to communicate to one another. You can feel each others energies as they dance together creating such a magical moonlight. When you find connection like this, no matter what, just allow it. Let it in, embrace it, nurture it and feel it, for it is a true gift. One that you don’t find very often. So if you do, dive in with all your heart and soul… and never look back. It could lead to incredible adventures and magical experiences!

When we connect, we not only connect on an intellectual level. We connect on a soul level, a cellular level and a deeply spiritual level. We can learn so much from others. So much from their strengths and so much from their passions. When you see someone passionate in what they do, it is very inspiring and can be extremely motivational to go out there and follow your dreams. Follow that connection you have with the life that you’re living and make it a great experience for yourself! Enjoy every moment as if it’s your last and live life to the fullest. Make the most of your time here and expand yourself physically, mentally, spiritually and intellectually.

So start small. Start by noticing yourself, your values and try and dig a little deeper within. Ask yourself some questions. Get to know yourself, allow yourself the freedom to live passionately and let go and be free to flow with life. Find a deep connection within yourself and allow it to blossom and bloom into something truly spectacular. Then you can say you have truly lived a marvellous life.

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