I Love You, Goodbye.

I love you, Goodbye is a beautiful term I like to use for all things that no longer serve me, for which I would like to lovingly remove from my life. Whether it be mentally, socially, physically or even romantically… To be able to honour yourself enough to realise what it is that needs to be let go off and taking the correct steps to make that happen.

More often than not, what we want and what we need are not always in alignment with each other. One is for our better and the other… not so much. One helps us in short term gains and the other helps us in the long run. So what is the difference between our wants and needs? Where do we draw the line between the two? And how do we start to live a life filled with more meaning? For example, you have been invited out with friends, but your body is pleading with you to have a night in. Do you go with your desire to meet your friends, or do you honour your bodies needs and take it easy? Going out will leave your burnt out, whereas staying in could recharge you. This example carries on into your personal life, professional career and in setting a healthy lifestyle for yourself. All in all it is about prioritising yourself and putting yourself first. To learn how to take care of yourself and love yourself whole. To gently remind yourself in a situation “I love you, Goodbye”. Let go with kindness. To have the awareness and self discipline to acknowledge and remind yourself that this is not serving my highest good and so I let it go with love.

Another example of living a more self empowered life would be to say “I do not need a romantic partner but I do want to share my life with someone”. This takes away any sort of inner power you may be giving away unknowingly. To know that you are completely capable of standing tall on your own and meeting your own needs… but it is always nice to, in addition, have that romantic connection. Therefore your romantic partner is not a substitute for all the aspects in your life you may feel are lacking. If you seek out a person to pick up the pieces for you, and things don’t work out… it will leave you in pieces, as they take away the glue that was holding you together. And so, if you work towards healing all those parts of you first and consequently find a partner to add to your life, you are more well rounded and better able to move through situations or challenges that come your way. Why? Because you committed to yourself first. By saying “I love you, Goodbye” to seeking external quick fixes… and going within to heal. By building stronger foundations for yourself, allowing you to feel more grounded, secure and lovingly whole.

So why not let go of all that no longer serves you and your highest good. Take time to really ground yourself in the present moment. Think of all the aspects of your life you feel you have outgrown. What doesn’t feel so good anymore? What tasks feel like chores? What thoughts or emotions have brought you down for far too long? Make a list of all of these things, and then consciously and courageously say…. “I love you, Goodbye” to them. It is a choice. Acknowledge your need to move through it all and step in to a better space for yourself and all that surround you.

For example, when you are in a romantic relationship that is not healthy for either one of you… you see the signs, you even feel them, but a part of you will hold on for dear life, for fear of change or the fear of not finding any better. However, when you are able to muster enough self worth, self love and self respect for yourself to realise that this is no longer serving your highest good… and you are willing to act on it, you can free yourself by saying “I love you, Goodbye” to the situation.

And so it boils down to who you choose to surround yourself with, how you choose to honour your health and fitness, the amount of self discipline you exercise and your goals and intentions… Dreaming big and making it happen! It all starts with a simple question. “Do I really want to do this, or do I need to do something else?”. To Choose to move through what is not working for you with love and starting anew with self care, self love and putting yourself first sometimes.

In order to embody the “I love you, Goodbye”, we must learn to move on with love. It is important to gain the perception of loving natural change. Never being afraid to say goodbye to a chapter in your life that has past its expiration date, and to be able to gracefully turn the page and enter into a new and fresh beginning. Saying goodbye to old and past patterns that either have you stuck or hold you back… and having the love and courage to move through it and into the freedom of fresh and new abundance.

So take a moment to really sit with yourself and reflect on all the aspects of your life you feel you may have outgrown, all that you carry that may be past its time and think about where you want to go in your present and future. What do you want… and what do you need? It all comes down to a choice. A sort of filtering out all that holds you back and making the conscious decision to be a better version of yourself, a more evolved you as you change through the times and learn and grow.

Therefore I love you, Goodbye is a little reminder to move through times with love. Cherish all your experiences and you will eventually move through them. Enjoy them while they last, flow through the good, push through the hard and have the gentle grace to say goodbye when you know it is time to. To allow yourself to be open to the excitement of “what’s next”.

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