Feeling, Dealing and Healing✨

In order to heal you need to deal… and in order deal you need to feel. Feeling our emotions, especially the ones that are difficult, is one of the most uncomfortable of feelings. But once you do, the amount of emotional, physical and spiritual transformation you experience is otherworldly. Transformation of all past patterns, wounds, emotional blocks and so on. Transformation into a version of you that is not held down by all the baggage that once weighed on you. A version of you that is lighter, happier and definitely more authentic to who you truly are.

When you deal with your emotions by feeling them, you take away their power through confronting them, and sitting with them. It is in avoidance, where you either let the fear of feeling them build and build, or the emotion/ situation stays with you for so long that it begins to feel like it is a part of you… when in truth it is definitely not. We as human beings often tend to get stuck in our comfort zones. Even if our comfort zone is sitting in discomfort, we will do so, as we fear change more than we fear dealing with what it is that truly holds us back.

Change is vital if you want to grow, and growth is paramount to healing. This equation is quite simple when you look at it in a broader sense, but often takes much courage and bravery to master. It takes a lot of inner work and strength from within to be able to become aware of the aspects of ourselves we need to heal, and then taking the necessary steps in doing so. Sometimes it’s all about sitting with the emotions that come up when we are triggered by certain situations, sometimes it’s sitting with thoughts that randomly pop up. Instead of pushing the thoughts away, which only gives them more fuel to grow bigger, why don’t you try to think the thought through. Notice what emotions come up with the thought and sit with it in stillness. Ground yourself in it, feel through the emotions and begin to see the thought for what it truly is… merely a thought. When you take away the power a thought has over you, you take back and claim your strength. You empower yourself to stand tall and learn to navigate through the depths of your subconscious mentality. Thoughts are only scary if you give them that power.

Healing is not always easy, it takes true dedication to go through the work but oh how it is SO worth it!!! To feel light and feather like. To feel immense freedom from what it was that held you back for far to long. Dealing takes alot of courage. In order to deal, we first need to accept that there is something the lies beneath the surface, waiting to come up and out. To be able to feel through it and let it go. Dealing requires our attention and focus. It requires true determination and a willingness to want to get better and feel better. Sometimes the only way to reach that destination, is to go through it, in the literal sense. You have to face your feelings, nurture them, get to know them and learn to befriend them. To acknowledge that there are things within us that are craving to be seen and heard. They want to be acknowledged so that they can move through you and out of you. But it requires the courage to sit with the discomfort that most often will pop up. That courage will come from a place of sheer strength and direction.

And when you start to move through each and every part of you that is wounded, you start to create space within yourself. With that space, you have the power to fill it up with beautifully nourishing things. It may vary from person to person. It could look like building new and uplifting friendships, learning something new, becoming more creative, picking up hobbies that light your soul up from within or learning to enjoy your own company.

Healing is no linear journey. It is filled with cracks, crevices, bumps and swerves. But in the end, you manage to reach your destination. And when you have climbed that mountain, you do feel a deep sense of accomplishment. It gives you great confidence to then move on to dealing with and healing another part of you. And as you start to heal more and more, you start to change your life for the better. You free yourself up to be more of your authentic self, living a lighter and brighter life.

So to all those that are on the journey of feeling, dealing and healing… keep going! The beauty that lies beyond is incredibly worth it and oh so satisfying!

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