The Art Of Balance

Balance, equilibrium, symmetry, stability… what do these words represent and what does it mean? Balance, the idea that you cannot have one without the other for stability. Today we will be shedding light on how balance is crucial in all of life’s experiences. You cannot have good without knowing bad, you cannot know happiness without knowing a sense of sadness. Where there is loss, gain is not too far behind. Fear and excitement, tragedy and love, without one, how could you possibly and truly know the other? They go hand in hand, like two peas in a pod!

So when you fear loss, know that gain is never too far away. It is part of growth. When we let go of our false sense of control, we can take a step back and really strive for equilibrium. To have the courage to feel or experience the discomfort knowing that better days are ahead. To know that without one I cannot possibly feel the other!

And so balance can come in many different shapes and sizes. Emotional balance as I spoke about earlier comes with experience, and a deep understanding. It stems from emotional regulation and the idea that we are not our emotions, simply beings that experience emotions as they come and go. Some stay for a while… and others come and go in a flash. Emotion can be tricky but through breathe work, we could really learn to master our emotions. Find a balance between our emotions as they flow naturally through our being.

Physical balance relates to your relationship with your body and your own physicality. How you view your body, yourself and most importantly how you talk to your body. Physical balance also comes from taking care of your body, how you view your weight, what you feed your body, how you sleep and so on. In a sense, a form of self care.

It is important to have a good balance of a range of people around you and in your social circle. To have people you can laugh with, cry with, dance with and even be goofy with. You do not have to find all of these things in just one person. That is the beauty of it. To have people in your life that you can bond over certain parts of each others personalities with. A good group of cathartic friends who uplift, support and belong with each other.

Balance as a paradox is an interesting theme. Balance teaches us that we as humans are able to feel a whole range of emotions at the same time. To be in a situation where you feel daunted yet freedom, intimidated yet comforted. When we can accept that we feel these emotions at the same time, we win more than half the battle. As we often feel that we cannot experience both together, but why not? Feel it, embrace it, because it will soon pass, so enjoy the experience for what it is!

The art of balance is about learning to move through the waves with grace and to learn to exercise a little bit of detachment toward the emotions we feel, learning that they are hear to teach us vital lessons, rather than getting wrapped up in them and creating endless cycles for ourselves. Like they say… “Push through the hard, and flow through the good”. It is all about perspective. What makes good good and bad bad? What if for you, what is good is someone else’s bad and vice versa? So can we not change our mindset and spin things around just a little bit? Why do difficult or uncomfortable emotions or situations have to be bad? If you say “It is happening FOR me and not TO me” You learn to exercise gratitude towards your situation. And when you look back at the situation that has passed you feel a deep sense of gratitude for what you went through because you would not be the strong, empowered individual that you are today having not experienced what you did. It is all about balance, yet it is also about perspective.

Balance is more often than not linked to awareness. The awareness to know when you are off balance, what end of the scale you feel you have tipped toward and how to get yourself back to equilibrium. It’s about knowing yourself, your values, your strengths and weaknesses. It’s about knowing where you stand and where you are headed. When you feel your self on a detour from your path, life has a funny yet incredible way of putting us back on track. They call it a “detour in the right direction”. Sometimes you have to veer off in order to come back into alignment. The amount of knowledge and experience you gain from a detour is unbelievable! So sometimes when you are learning, it’s ok not to be in balance. The learning lies in witnessing your imbalance and taking the steps to get yourself back time and time again.

So it really is all about getting playful with it. There is no right or wrong because at the end of the day, we are all just here to learn! I hope you find the balance that you are looking for in the life that you lead… Lots of love ❤

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