Understanding Avoidance

Avoidance is a strategy almost all of us use, and for many reasons… Sometimes we use it to avoid discomfort, sometimes to avoid uncomfortable emotions or situations, and other times because there is something deeper spurring that avoidance behaviour on. It is only when we dig deep and understand why or what it is that is triggering the avoidance, can we come up with creative solutions to move past them. Beyond avoidance comes growth and quite possibly an immense sense of freedom. So why not choose to be free, let loose and fly.

Often sitting in silence, just breathing and remaining still can help quiet the mind and expand your awareness so that the answers can come flooding in. It’s always the calm bellow the surface that knows all. Trust in that inner voice of guidance. And then ask yourself, what is spurring this sense of avoidance on? Why does it make me feel this way? And what can I do about it?

Sometimes there are painful emotions triggered by whatever situation you are trying to avoid. It is always helpful to feel them through and release them so that they cannot control you or your behaviour any longer. And when you do, what a freeing and magical feeling it is! Release! let go! Live life in a perfect flow! A few ways to release these emotions is to breathe through them, journal it out or you could even perform any sort of physical exercise with the intention of releasing any and all emotional energy that no longer serves your best and highest good!

Sometimes a situation from your past may cause you to avoid putting yourself in a similar situation in your future. In these situations, we need the gentle reminder that just because we had a bad experience the first time, does NOT mean its guaranteed to be the same the second time around. For example, sometimes when we get out of an unhealthy relationship, we fear creating such attachments in the future for fear of going through the same. I would like to shed light on the fact that you are so much smarter, wiser and stronger than you were in your past. You have the strong advantage of having gone through the experience the first time. You learned where you went wrong and the things you could do differently the next time around. You are smarter, wiser and stronger. You attract for yourself what you want and deserve. Who says it would be like your first experience? Maybe the second time around would be absolutely wonderful? Trust in that. And trust that even if its not a good experience the second time around, at least you tried? You learned, you grew and you expanded. But how will you know if you avoid it? So why not just go for it!

When the same situations keep occurring there is often and important lesson to learn in them. Avoidance will only delay what you are meant to learn. So why not just push through it? Be gentle and kind with yourself through it all. Kindness and compassion for yourself and your emotions is so very important. Without these we feel alone. You are not alone at all. You have got this! You will be rewarded so beautifully when you take the time to heal yourself. To put yourself out there and take the time to grow and learn as you go along your path!

Lots of love and warmth always ❤

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