A Kiss…

A kiss… Oh! what a beautiful thing. An act so magical, communicative and wildly bewildering. Where two beings share a moment in time together… getting lost in each other, knowing not where one begins and the other ends. A Kiss… where two collide to become one. Beauty personified. A kiss could convey the stars and beyond without breathing a single word. Actions speak louder than words, well, then it’s time to kiss and tell. 

There is something so beautiful in a romantic connection. A wonderful chemistry of energy between the two, dancing and flowing, creating a passionate masterpiece. One where sparks fly, stomachs churn and love burns through with such passion that nothing separates the two. A kiss can convey all this and more in just a matter of seconds. 

A kiss, somewhere to get lost, a place you never want to return from, for when you do, when you look into their eyes, you feel completely overwhelmed with that sense of deep belonging. The sense that this is where I’m supposed to be. Right here, right now in this very moment. A sense that this moment will hold with you forever, a feeling of contentment, satisfaction and overwhelming gratitude for what you see before you, a beautiful soul, with a beautiful personality, and someone to stand by your side whilst you flow through life. 

A kiss, oh how swoon worthy a kiss can be, to feel your emotions dancing within yourself and dancing within yours truly. To have each others emotions dancing together… Melding and flowing to create a unique magical love. A love that is strong, passionate, electrifying and overwhelmingly stunning. A love that heals, a love that grows, a love that inspires and uplifts! Together the two of you inspire and uplift each other to be the best versions of yourselves. To embody the essence of your higher self and shine your bright light wherever you choose to go. Together your love can inspire others to reach for the same. And one by one, spreading love, touching lives with the gentle curiosity of finding out what it would be like to live a bright beautiful life whilst having a beautiful soul by your side. And it all starts with a kiss… A kiss for love and a kiss for life ❤

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