Not Enough?

I think at some point in your lives, we have all felt like either we were not enough or that we were not doing enough with our lives. However how much is enough? Where do we draw that line? And how do we find a balance? When will we be enough and when will we feel satisfied with ourselves enough to say I love my work, what i’m doing and how much i’m doing. When did we learn to put pressure on ourselves to keep climbing that mountain and how long until we burn out? These are vital questions to ask yourself as in these answers you will be able to delve deep enough within yourself to learn to heal these parts of you that may feel a sense of inadequacy.

Feelings of inadequacy are not uncommon. It could be anything about ourselves. Our looks, clothes, personality, or what we feel we lack. And more often than not, we find ourselves comparing our own qualities to that of others, only leading us to feel even worse about ourselves. The thoughts that pop up could sound like “Why can’t I have what they have” “I would be so happy if I was like that/looked like that/dressed like that” “She is so pretty, why did I have to end up looking like this?” “This person is doing so much with his life and what do I have to show for mine?” This thought pattern doesn’t do anything but create feelings of longing, inadequacy and lack. The idea is not so much to compare, but to start to learn to accept who you are, how you look, how you dress and what you do. This can be quite tricky at times, but in the end you start to compare less and you find yourself leaning more towards gratitude. Gratitude for who you are, what you have, your accomplishments and the adventures you are yet to embark on!

A great exercise to get yourself out of comparing is to think of the bigger picture! Does this little comparison really matter in the grand scheme of things? In a week, month or year from now will this matter? So in a year from now when I remember this moment, what do I want to take from it? Do I want to remember feelings of inadequacy? Or do I want to remember feelings of empowerment? To say I thank this situation for teaching me that I am enough. I don’t need what others have. Instead I focus on my own journey, my own path in my life and strive to make it more fulfilling for myself. To do better for myself, not because I see someone else doing so, but to nourish my own life and to live to the fullest of my capabilities.

And as for the lack of feeling satisfied in your life’s work, sometimes your life slows down in order for you to take a step back and work on yourself. To heal your insides, give yourself the attention that you need in order to build yourself back up into the strong capable person ready to get back out there and shine bright! Soon, the feelings of satisfaction will come naturally when you follow your heart and your passions, when you seek out what you desire. The job, the clients, the friends, that ‘whole’ feeling.

Sometimes patience really is key. To have the ability to wait for how you want your life to be. What is meant for you will come to you when the time is right. Who knows when that might be, but in the mean time, work on yourself. Strive to be the best version of yourself you can be. Your best and highest self! And let life flow to you and through you. As you have the ability to exercise patience, you let go of control and surrender to the present moment. Finding a sense of peace and satisfaction in all that you currently have, while feeling optimistic and excited for what is yet to come!

So don’t let one week, month or year get you down! Because you ARE enough! And all that you are doing for now IS enough. Everyone moves at their own pace. The idea is not how fast you are going but that you reach the finish line, and then start all over again! Because there is always something new to learn and discover.

So I just wanted to say that you are where you need to be and who you need to be at this very moment and that is more than enough 🙂

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  1. Samyukta says:

    Such a beautiful message. Uplifting and balancing at the same time.


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