Fearlessly Unafraid.

To be fearless. To live your life unapologetically and reach your highest potential. To be unafraid and free from what holds you back. Imagine a world in which we are both fearlessly unafraid! How utterly magical.

In a way… to be unafraid is to own your inner power so completely that you feel no one can take it away from you. To find freedom from the discomfort of not having control in situations. To know that you DO have control over your own inner power and what you do with it. So why do we so frequently invalidate our inner strength or give our power away so freely? There comes a great sense of peace and courage when one experiences their own inner power. To be confident in knowing that you can get through anything and everything and come out of it shining brighter than ever. To be thankful for situations that test your own inner strength so that you learn not to give it away.

So let talk about the ways in which we give our power away and how to empower ourselves to stand tall, and in a way… to be fearlessly unafraid. That does not necessarily mean that we may not feel fear. Fear may be a frequent emotion just like any other, however we do not have to give in to that fear. We do not allow fear to take our power away from us. We can witness the fear from within and courageously carry on regardless.

More often than not, certain beliefs we hold about ourselves can lead to us giving our power away. Whether it be a belief that ‘you are not good enough’ or a comparison such as ‘she is smarter or prettier than me’. In order to own our own power we must look within ourselves and learn to find a deep acceptance of who we are through and through. To say, these are my strengths and these are my weak areas. And when you start to compare yourself to another, just know that their strengths may highlight your weak areas, but your strengths may highlight that parts of them that are not as strong! Everyone has their own uniqueness. It is important to look within and find your own and start to nourish those parts of yourself, but most importantly nourish the parts of you where you may feel you are lacking. To accept yourself as a whole, to value yourself enough to know that you are invincible. To call home all the parts of you that strayed away and to let go of all parts of you that just do not fit your authentic self.

Fear often takes away our sense of empowerment. We feel a lack of control, a deep sense of discomfort for a situation that we feel has no solution. Our minds take over, creating scenarios and different possibilities. The overthinking, the worry, it’s an honest endless cycle that starts as we let fear take our inner power away. But what if we learned to sit with the situation. What if we witnessed our fear and allowed it to pass naturally? What if we stood up to the fear, to say “I will get through this no matter what” “I am thankful for this situation as it is only teaching me to shine brighter and brighter”. When you change your perception, It changes the way you feel. So let’s stand tall and own our strength. To know that we are capable and competent. We can stand tall through storms and pick up the pieces, only to build ourselves up into something even more spectacular to begin with.

In some cases, fear often holds us back from being our truest and most authentic selves. Sometimes it holds us back from reaching our fullest potential and not knowingly we give in to this fear and let it govern our actions. So why not as your read this, look at this as a call to become conscious of all the aspects of your life that are governed by fear. Ask yourself, what you would do differently if fear was not the governing factor? How would you change your lifestyle? Would you travel more? Would you take up public speaking? Would you go on a date? Would you take up learning something new? And there could be alot of things that fear holds you back from. So it really is up to us to just decide to be fearlessly unafraid. To know what you want and work towards it. To do certain things that do feel slightly fearful, as when you face your fears, you claim your power back. It may be difficult to knowingly put yourself through that discomfort but the results are SO very worth it. To learn to build courage, bravery, confidence and most importantly freedom.

So let’s not let fear lead the way, let us be guided by our inner strength, our inner freedom and our inner sense of deep empowerment. We are strong and resilient beings. Remind yourself of who your are and what you are made of. I know you are strong enough to face your fears and I look forward to hearing your journey to becoming fearlessly unafraid! Love always…

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