Pushing Past Discomfort

Discomfort is a feeling most of us will do anything in our power to avoid. Discomfort is almost always associated with negativity and as something to steer clear of. But why not allow ourselves to switch our perspective on discomfort! Can we not look at it as a feeling that shows us what’s important in life, what is worth feeling the discomfort over? Seeing discomfort as the threshold, in which going beyond it can result in massive growth and beauty!

Do what makes you uncomfortable, for not doing it creates far greater discomfort than doing it in the first place!

When we allow discomfort to hold us back, we are putting ourselves into a box of safety and comfort. But where is the growth? Where is the beauty and the magic of life? It is when we find the courage to open the box and step out of it even though we feel discomfort, that is where true growth lies. And you will be fabulously rewarded for it! The success, the abundance of all that you are essentially searching for. You will find it when you push past the discomfort! So be brave, find the courage within you to really push past the boundary.

Why not view discomfort in a positive light? Allow it to show you what you are resisting and why! I’m glad I feel this discomfort, for “I know that once I push past it I will receive all kinds of beautiful and miraculous rewards!”

A practice that helps me when I’m faced with having to do something that makes me feel uncomfortable, is to go beyond the discomfort! Imagine yourself having done the uncomfortable thing and picture yourself reaping the rewards of having done it! Was it worth it? How do you feel? Does it make you feel overwhelming joy? A feeling of immense fulfilment and accomplishment? Happiness? Excitement and enthusiasm for more? Of course it does! Now imagine yourself avoiding the discomforting situation, not doing it and picture yourself and where you would be. Stuck? In your comfort zone but feeling a sense of lack? Like something is missing? We all know that feel all too well. But it’s time! It’s time NOW to change that around! It is a choice! What do we want to feel? Overwhelming joy, a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction or longing and lack? Wouldn’t it be worth it to push past the discomfort and reap the rewards for doing so?

Sometimes, discomfort is the price we pay for ALL the wonderful experiences beyond it. So let’s just DO it! Go after what makes you uncomfortable, free yourself from it and push past the boundaries that our minds try to trap us in. Truly live the beautiful life that you have been given! Embrace it and look forward to the moments or opportunities that make you feel slightly uncomfortable, for going beyond the discomfort is where life truly begins!

However, not all discomfort should be met head on to overcome. Sometimes discomfort or a gut feeling shows us what is not meant for us too. The difference between the two is how the outcome makes us feel. What would it feel like when you picture yourself past the discomfort? Does it feel freeing, exciting, joyful and alive? Or does it make you feel stuck, anxious and blocked? When you sit in silence, away from your thoughts and away from judgement, you will begin to learn which of the two you are experiencing. So either dive right in and face that discomfort head on pushing past it, or respectfully know that this is not meant for you, and what is, will shortly come your way. Feel a sense of deep knowing with your decision and be sure of it. For even when you think you do not know, your soul does! So let it guide you! Follow the inner whispers and flow with them!

So really try to break through the box that somewhere down the line, you or your environment put you in. Expand, never to be trapped again and really learn what it is to be free. Sometimes doing the thing that scares us most is what gives that expansive freedom… a sort of mental freedom.

I look forward to each and every one of you pushing past your discomforts! You can do it 🙂

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