When things don’t go our way….

Hmmm what if we lived in a world where everything we wanted and planned for came into fruition. What if things were certain… and what if the unknown was known. Some would say that would be ideal, but would it not get mundane? Where is the growth? How would we move forward with our lives, learn and grow? 

We do not live in a world where things go to plan, are certain or completely known to us. Absolutely anything can happen and no matter how much we try to prepare for things, we are treading unknown waters. However… we are adaptive creatures and when we are tested, our true strengths and abilities to deal with the situations come to light. We grow and evolve, expand and learn. We get creative, we unleash our inner power, and somehow we manage to pull through! That is the beauty of the world we live in, and that is the beauty of us, no matter how daunting it may sometimes feel to be living in it. 

We are minuscule beings, living on a beautifully magnificent rock (still tiny!) that we call Earth, in a unimaginably vast body of space. Now think… how inconsequential we truly are in the grand scheme of literally everything! Yet, we have our own lives, and our own ups and downs to deal with. So when things do not go our way, see them as blessings rather than “why is this happening to me!!!” or “What did I ever do to deserve this”. Think of a bigger picture, one in which you don’t know what lies ahead and why your situation didn’t workout, but you know that you are guided by forces that are leading you to greatness. It is all about perspective. I like to see it as a blessing because you are being guided towards something far FAR greater than you could possibly imagine!!! Something so beautiful, so out of this world that if you had the choice you would choose this in a heart beat, over what you wanted and planned for that didn’t work out. 

Although… you HAVE to let go. You have to let go of what didn’t work out and exercise gratitude. Be grateful that you weren’t led down a path that was not in your best interest. And believe me we try to control and control, but at the end of the day, we can’t see the future, so we really don’t know what is best for us. Let the universe guide you. Let go of what didn’t work out, but by all means feel your emotions. Feel upset, feel lost, feel uncertain and feel the “what’s next?”. But then… you feel gratitude. “Thank you for how things turned out, I know that this is happening for my best/highest good and I look forward to even better coming into fruition FOR me”. And then give yourself space to allow the fabulous blessings to come into your reality. Allow them to flow to you, through you and for you. It’s a beautiful thing. And when you let go, you feel free. And freedom is what so many of us search for, yet never seem to find. Because it can’t be found outside of ourselves, it comes from within. The decision is up to you! You choose to let go, you choose to be grateful and you choose to flow. And the reward that comes with that is abundance. Abundance of blessings. For when you let go of what you ‘thought’ was best for you, you create space for what is actually best for you. And let it guide you and lead you to the truest and most authentic version that you could possibly be. Miracles start to happen. And then you look back and say to yourself… “my gosh! Im so happy that that thing didn’t work out, for if it did… I wouldn’t have all of this!!!” 

It definitely is a choice. So just trust. Trust that better things are on their way to you and be patient, allowing them to arrive to you. You are guided, you are loved and you are supported always. Live each day in the present moment and life will start to get really really good. 

Sending all of you a ton of warmth, love and good wishes! 

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