When you think about yourself, what are the thoughts running through your mind, what do you feel… and how do you speak to yourself? One of the most powerful and important tools in your life is to notice the way you speak to yourself. It can alter the way you behave, what you do andContinue reading “I, ME & MYSELF.”

I Love You, Goodbye.

I love you, Goodbye is a beautiful term I like to use for all things that no longer serve me, for which I would like to lovingly remove from my life. Whether it be mentally, socially, physically or even romantically… To be able to honour yourself enough to realise what it is that needs toContinue reading “I Love You, Goodbye.”

The Art Of Balance

Balance, equilibrium, symmetry, stability… what do these words represent and what does it mean? Balance, the idea that you cannot have one without the other for stability. Today we will be shedding light on how balance is crucial in all of life’s experiences. You cannot have good without knowing bad, you cannot know happiness withoutContinue reading “The Art Of Balance”

Becoming Authentic

People pleasing is such an underrated occurrence that is either rarely spoken about or a thing not many of us are even aware that we do. I feel that this sort of behaviour is something we learn in our lives to fill a deep void from within. It comes from a place of lack andContinue reading “Becoming Authentic”

Understanding Avoidance

Avoidance is a strategy almost all of us use, and for many reasons… Sometimes we use it to avoid discomfort, sometimes to avoid uncomfortable emotions or situations, and other times because there is something deeper spurring that avoidance behaviour on. It is only when we dig deep and understand why or what it is thatContinue reading “Understanding Avoidance”

A Kiss…

A kiss… Oh! what a beautiful thing. An act so magical, communicative and wildly bewildering. Where two beings share a moment in time together… getting lost in each other, knowing not where one begins and the other ends. A Kiss… where two collide to become one. Beauty personified. A kiss could convey the stars andContinue reading “A Kiss…”

Not Enough?

I think at some point in your lives, we have all felt like either we were not enough or that we were not doing enough with our lives. However how much is enough? Where do we draw that line? And how do we find a balance? When will we be enough and when will weContinue reading “Not Enough?”

You Are Whole.

We’ve all had those days… The ones where you don’t feel like getting up. Where you don’t feel like doing anything at all. When doing even the littlest thing can feel like climbing over a mountain. When you know what you need to do to get yourself out of this funk but you just can’tContinue reading “You Are Whole.”

Finding Freedom 🕊️

Freedom, a word which is quite often underrated can quite possibly be the key to alot of breakthroughs! Freedom comes in many different forms and fashions, however understanding freedom and what it means to feel free is elite in itself. It is the power to think, act, feel how one wants without restraint. When searchingContinue reading “Finding Freedom 🕊️”